Indoor Bonsai for Beginners Review

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners by Werner Busch is a great book if you’re thinking about getting an indoor bonsai. As the book says in its cover, it will teach you the three fundamental steps on this activity: Selection, care and training.

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners
Indoor Bonsai for Beginners

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners: The ultimate guide about indoor bonsai

When it comes to indoor bonsai the selection of the tree is one of the most important decisions because you must know which species are the best to grow inside your home. Lots of people don’t realize this when they’re picking their choices and they fail right away. There are 45 options for indoor bonsais in this book and they’re all explained in detail.

Besides the selection process this book will explain how to keep your bonsai healthy, with specific information about the specie you choose. Werner Busch will also teach you how to trim and prune, when you should water your bonsai or use fertilizer on it. All those tips may sound simple, but when it comes to indoor bonsai they can make a difference between a strong miniature tree and a dead one. It may sound dramatic but it is the best way to put it.

Indoor Bonsai for Beginners will also recommend the best tools to care and train your bonsai. Also, when and how to repot and the symptoms of a sick tree.

There are many books about bonsai, but there aren’t that many about indoor bonsai. So this book has a great value for a great price. And even though you may think is only for beginners, it can also be a great guide for enthusiast and pros because is very specific on the indoor subject, when most of the writers talk about bonsai as an outdoor activity.

Another plus for Indoor Bonsai for Beginners by Werner Busch are the great pictures shown in the book, all of them with plenty of information.

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  1. Hello, I’m interested in the bonsai trees, and the caring and raising. To learn patience, is something I truly believe that this bonsai will teach me the essence of life. But Im afraid to get the wrong bonsai. I am a beginner. I live in San Jose, California. What tree would you recommend? The bonsai will be raised and cared for indoors. Please let me know. Thank you for your time and patience.


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