Bonsai & Relationships

bonsai lessons relationships

Many lessons are learned from growing a bonsai. After a while you just realize that many aspects of life can be related to this art we practice. The way we approach our bonsais may tell us a few things about ourselves and the way we interact with the people that surround us. Having said that: Here are a few lessons that growing bonsais can teach us about relationships:


There are different kinds of people just like there are many bonsai species. In both cases they must be approached on different ways. You may not treat a Chinese Elm the same way you treat a Hawaiian Umbrella. It is exactly the same with people; you must know them before you decide how to reach them. Just like we’ve been told since we’re children: Every person is a new door to a different world. Everybody has different interests, needs, goals and desires.


Patience is one of the keys in bonsai growing just like in establishing relationships. You should never rush on both. If you have successfully grown a bonsai then you know this is very true. Bonsai is an art of patience, so is building relationships. It can take time but usually the results will be worth the wait.

You must also remember that some relationships are just not meant to be and won’t ever happen, just like when your bonsai died even though you tried really hard while caring for it. Patience is a gift but know when to quit and turn the page.


We always have to prune and cut parts of our bonsai. So it happens with relationships. Sometime we have to stop doing things that may hurt our loved ones in order to create better and more satisfying relations. You should always know when and where to prune.


You should pick spots of your bonsai to develop. Those areas that must be taken care of in order to shape it the way you want it to grow. Does it sound familiar? Yes, it is the same in our daily life with our loved one. We should always put an effort on doing those things that will make our relationships happier, better and go the way we want it to.


Mistakes happen, we all know that. And we cannot live our life being afraid of making them. However, big mistakes come with great costs. In bonsai this is a golden rule. You can make mistakes but if you make many or a very important one your tree will probably die. So, be careful, because as humans we make mistakes but we can try to prevent them. Remember big mistakes may have big consequences.

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