The Complete Book of Bonsai Review

The Complete Book of Bonsai by Harry Tomlinson is one of the most complete guides on bonsai that you can find today. The author of this book has written many books about the subject, but this is without a doubt its masterpiece.

The Complete Book of Bonsai
The Complete Book of Bonsai

The Complete Book of Bonsai: One of the most detailed and complete guides on the market

You’re thinking in getting a bonsai and you want one book that explains it all, then you should definitely take The Complete Book of Bonsai by Henry Tomlinson into consideration. This is a great work and has all the information you need on planting, growing, caring and training, but also on bonsai’s origins, evolution, styles and species.

This book is also complemented with plenty of pictures and images of beautiful bonsai trees, from all the styles and species you can think of. The information is absolutely valuable but graphically this book is outstanding. You can even use it as a coffee table book and you’ll see how your guest will be amazed by it.

From choosing seeds, germinating them, growing, maintenance, caring, styling, reproducing to seasons, tools and equipment The Complete Book of Bonsai will guide you smoothly on the beautiful journey of bonsai. It is a great book for beginner but also for enthusiast and pros. If you’re into bonsai you’ve probably hear about Tomlinson before, since this is not his only work on the subject. However it is his best.

Tomlinson makes an excellent point when he assures that you don’t need to start from seed to make a bonsai, since it is a very long process. He explains everything you need to know about prebonsais and young trees. All the instructions in this book are presented in a very simple step by step mode which makes them really easy to follow.

You can trust us when we say that after you read this book you’ll be probably become a bonsai enthusiast right away. If you don’t believe us, or think we’re exaggerating check out the reviews on amazon.

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