Bonsai Tools

Having the right bonsai tools is very important if you want to grow your own homemade bonsai tree. Good pruning and wiring wouldn’t be possible without the proper equipment. There are many brands when it comes to bonsai tools; some of them are very expensive while others are more than affordable. You’ll realize after you check out costs that expensive bonsai tools usually are made in Japan and cheap ones in China. However some of the Chinese brands have reasonable good quality.

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Bonsai Tools

Annealed Copper Bonsai Wire

Wire: Used to shape and train the bonsai tree. There are two types of wire: anodized aluminum and annealed copper.






Bonsai Tools

Bonsai Turn Table

Bonsai Turn Table: This piece of equipment is used for working and displaying purposes.






bonsai tools

Leaf Cutter with Long Handle

Leaf Cutter with Long Handle: This tool is used to prune small branches.






Bonsai Tools

Small Shear

Small Shear: This is a defoliation tool. It cuts leaves.





Bonsai Tools

Butterfly Shear

Butterfly Shear: This tool is intended for pruning small branches and triming roots.







Bonsai Tools

Long Shear

Long Shear: This tool is used to prune small and medium sized branches.





bonsai tools

Large Concave Cutter

Large Concave Cutter: This cutter is intended for pruning large branches.







bonsai tools

Small Concave Cutter

Small Concave Cutter: This cutter is used to prune medium size branches.





bonsai tools

Large Knob Cutter

Large Knob Cutter: This tool is intended for making deep hollow wounds.





bonsai tools

Small Knob Cutter

Small Knob Cutter: This tool is also used to make deep hollow wounds.






bonsai tools

Trunk Benders

Trunk Benders: This tool is intended for bending the trunk of a bonsai tree.







bonsai tools

Wire Cutter

Wire Cutter:  Thit tool is used to cut the wire employed for shaping and training the bonsai tree.






bonsai tools


Rake: This tool is used to remove the soil around the roots of the bonsai.







bonsai tools

itRoot Hook

Root Hook: This hook is used for bonsai tree repotting purposes. It removes the soil from the roots.





bonsai tools

Jin Tool

Jin Tool: This tool is used to strip bark and fiber from your bonsai tree.






bonsai tools

Coco Brush

Coco Brush: This brush is intended for cleaning the soil surface under the bonsai.






Copper Brush

Copper Brush: This brush is used to clean trunks and branches.






Watering Can

Watering Can: This tool is for watering. We recommend a watering can with a long neck and a fine nozzle.




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